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Vinsanto & Grappa.

Vinsanto del Chianti DOCG

Bottle 0,50 Lt. - Bordolese bottle


Straw-coloured yellow tending to golden.

Perfume and Taste

Ethereal and characteristic bouquet with hints of honey and raisins. On the palate is harmonic and velvety with a gently sweet aftertaste

Food Pairings

Desserts, like cantucci (almond biscotti) or panforte (fruit and nut cake); Cheese, as aged pecorino cheese or other hard cheeses with a nutty flavor; Foie Gras; Dark Chocolate; Fruit-based Desserts, like fruit tarts, apple pie, or pear-based desserts

Grappa di Chianti

Bottle 0,50 Lt. - Opera bottle


Crystal clear tones and transparency, this grappa has got straw yellow hues with slightly amber reflections.

Perfume and Taste

Intensely fragrant, offers a rich bouquet of fruity and spicy sensations. Very harmonious and round, it flows on the palate with no sharp edges. Fine and elegant, it evolves in the final in an uncommon richness of hues

Food Pairings

Dark Chocolate, Aged Cheese, like aged pecorino or Parmigiano-Reggiano; Biscotti; Fresh Fruit, like grapes, berries, or figs; Almond-Based Desserts, like almond cake or amaretti cookies

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